Minimum 15 of each item

Coconut prawns w/ plum sauce     3.
(Requires Heating)
Lamb, garlic, & honey sausage rolls w/ house relish     3.
(requires heating)
Chorizo & Monterey Jack Cheese Croquettes     3.8
(requires heating)
(Gluten Free option available) 0.5
Mushroom & parmesan arrancini     3.
(Requires heating)
(Gluten Free option available) 0.5
Creamed leek, ricotta & caviar tarts     3.
(Gluten Free)
Smoked salmon & cream cheese vol-au-vents     3.
(Gluten Free option available) 0.5
Spinach & feta puffs     3.
(requires heating)
Double cream brie on oat biscuit w/ fig & apple jam     3.
Cherry Tomato, fresh basil & bocconcini skewers w/ balsamic reduction     3.
(Gluten Free)


Minimum 10 of each item

Brownie bites     3.5 Each
(Gluten Free)
(Dairy Free)
Lemon Curd Tarts     3.5 Each
Carrot Cake Bites     3.5 Each
Banana Bread Bites     3.5 Each
(Dairy Free)
Fruit n nut loaf bites     3.5 Each
A & O Paleo (muesli) slice     3.5 Each
(Gluten Free)
(Dairy Free)
Mini Cup Cakes     3.5 Each


Minimum 8 per flavour | More flavours available upon request

Raspberry & white chocolate     3.5 Each
Blueberry & dark chocolate     3.5 Each
Choc chip     3.5 Each
Snickers     3.5 Each
Cherry Ripe     3.5 Each


Minimum 8 per flavour

Dark Chop Chip     3.5 Each
White Chop Chip     3.5 Each
Oat Cranberry and Coconut     3.5 Each


Minimum of 15

Assorted Flavours     2.5 Each


Minimum 8 per type

A selection of local fresh produce made daily. They can include mescaline (mixed lettuce), spinach, spanish onion, cucumber, beetroot, fresh tomato, carrot, house pesto, cheeses, chutney and relishes.

Gourmet Sandwiches     7. per round
(we recommend 1.5 rounds per person)
Extra thick sliced     8.5 per round
(we recommend 1 round per person)
Gourmet Wraps     8.5
(we recommend 1 per person)
Baguettes     8.5
(we recommend 1 per person)


Cold Meats Selection     5.5 for selection of 3 meats
Cold meats for sandwiches can include champagne Leg ham, sliced chicken breast, poached chicken, sliced beef, corn beef, tandoori chicken and pesto chicken.


Minimum 5 serves

A selection of sweet fresh fruits from local suppliers.     $6.5 per person


Minimum 8 servings per salad

A&O Potato Salad w/ creamy house aioli, pickles & fresh herbs     3.5 per serve
Roasted Pumpkin, Beetroot & Quinoa Salad w/ rocket, mescaline, pepita seeds, house dressing & balsamic reduction     3.5 per serve
Watermelon & Feta salad w/ cucumber, red onion, fresh mint, lime juice & extra virgin olive oil     3.5 per serve
Asian Noodle Salad w/ mint, coriander, slaw, coconut dressing, roasted peanuts & sweet soy     3.5 per serve
Garden Salad w/ Tomato, carrot, cucumber, red onion, corn kernels, mescaline, crunchy croutons & house dressing     3.5 per serve
Penne Pasta Salad w/ Celery, capsicum, carrot and house tomato relish     3.5 per serve
Sumac Potato & Spinach Salad w/ roasted onion, roasted capsicum, & wholegrain dressing     3.5 per serve


Minimum 8 guests

A selection of cold meats, and cheeses including leg ham, salami, Danish feta, Camembert, House tomato relish, sweet mustard pickle, baby cucumbers, olives, cherry tomatoes and crusty bread.     $19.5 per person